Paul H. Nobriga IV:
The Poetry of Paul H. Nobriga IV



This book collects all 139 poems written by Paul H. Nobriga IV up to the year 2002, dating back to the year 1989 when he was only fourteen-years-old. The book is arranged chronologically, showing the development of Nobriga as a poet over thirteen years.

In addition to the poems, the book also contains Nobriga's short prose piece "Poetry: It Is What?" which discusses some of his views on poetry, what it is, and his approach to it. Also included is a new critical introduction written especially for this collection by Dr. Rusty W. Spell.

The poems are primarily love poems, ranging from -- as Nobriga himself says -- "love celebrated, lost, and unrequited." In addition to the love poetry, there are also poems about death, meditations on life, and occasional bits of humor. Many of the poems were written to or about specific people in Paul Nobriga's life, and it is to all of these people that this book is dedicated.

The poetry in this book -- always engaging and entertaining -- will demand your attention. Paul Nobriga has managed to inject his unique meanings into every word, refreshing the English language by pulling archaic words into the present century, while at the same time pushing modern words back through time into the romantic past that each verse evokes.

A delight to the ear, mind, and heart, The Poetry of Paul H. Nobriga will provide new discoveries to his readers each time they return to this work.

Forward to the book, by Rusty W. Spell
More About Paul H. Nobriga IV

Published Apr 2004. Written 1989-2002. 182 pages.


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