Rusty W. Spell:
Boys and Girls in the Modern World



Rusty W. Spell wrote the stories in this collection from 1999-2001 -- ages 24 to 26 -- while a PhD student at The University of Southern Mississippi.  The eleven stories and author's introduction made up his Doctoral Dissertation.

As opposed to Nothing But Gas, Rusty Spell's Master's Thesis, which included stories from various levels of his development as a writer, this collection consists of stories written during a particularly strong three year period.  All of the stories are mature and worthwhile, and many written during this time -- though themselves pretty good -- were not included here because Spell wanted the best of the best.

Instead of placing these stories in chronological order, Spell chose instead to arrange the stories in such a way as to tell a complete story, providing an overall narrative arc for the collection even as though it deals with different characters in each story.

The stories deal with characters similar to those in the previous collection, but here they are adult and wise, and some of the preoccupations that had weighed them (and the author) down are thrown off now, leaving them wide open to explore brand new lifestyles dictated by no one but themselves.

The modern world that these "boys and girls" live in contains all the color and joy of hard candy blended with the true emotion and pain found in only the most examined of lives.  The stories and characters Rusty W. Spell creates will not be forgotten.

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Table of Contents:

Author's Note and Acknowledgements

1. Crouched in the Midway
2. Bible Talk
3. Okay, Anything
4. Cavities
5. Partyers
6. Dust
7. The Age I Was at Christmas and the Girl That I Was With
8. The Graveyard and the Roller Rink
9. Househusband
10. Every Three Years
11. Stephen Wants To Cry

Originally published May 2002. This edition published Oct 2005. Written 1999-2001. 156 pages.


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