Rusty W. Spell:
Nothing But Gas



Rusty W. Spell wrote the stories in this collection from 1994-1999 -- ages 19 to 24 -- while an undergraduate and Master's student at The University of Southern Mississippi. The twelve stories and author's introduction made up his Master's thesis.

The stories selected here were, as Spell says, "meant to show his development." Therefore, newer and more mature stories (such as "The Move" and the title story) are included side by side with older stories (such as "Stickerbush") written while Spell was still finding his voice as a writer.

The stories themselves are concerned with that particular group of Gen-Xers who were born late enough to have an awareness of the label they were given. These are no slackers, but intelligent and desperate young men and women in love with their indie music, their tiny towns, and the complicated and worthwhile relationships they have with each other.

With writing that is sometimes the equivalent of a dismissive gesture, Rusty W. Spell actually proves himself to be a careful observer of his generation, capturing the buzz and beauty of the 90s in dreamy, neon, and joyous ways that we ourselves would love to remember them.

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Table of Contents:

Author's Note and Acknowledgements

1. Here
2. Hitchhikers
3. Stickerbush
4. Perhaps I Should Read My Outfit
5. Arthur Is Waking
6. Sexy Norman
7. Principle of Warmth
8. Messages
9. You Can't Dance Like That To Indie Rock
10. Fish
11. The Move
12. Nothing But Gas

Originally published May 1999. This edition published Feb 2005. Written 1994-1999. 119 pages.


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